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The village Stockstadt am Main was settled early. Around 2.000 years ago, there was a Roman fort on the site of today's paper factory built by Romans and used until around 260 AD. 

In the 9th century the village STOCESTAT is mentioned in a document of the monastery of Seligenstadt and the first inhabitants of the place that are known by name are mentioned. 

Between the 11th and 13th century, the village belonged to the monastery of Fulda and from the 14th century until the beginning of 19th century it was part of the archdiocese of Mainz. Due to this fact, the population has been predominantly catholic. 

Since the beginning of the 19th century, Stockstadt has been part of the region Lower Franconia and Bavaria. The place is situated near Aschaffenburg, between Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg.

According to Wikipedia and Reitzenstein's Lexikon fränkischer Ortsnamen the spelling of the village name changed during the centuries as follows: Stocestat (1000), Stocstat (1184), Stochstad (1259), Stostat (1261), Stocstad (1326), Stoxstad (1387), Stogxstad (1401), Stockstad (1408), Stockstadt (1625). Today the name is Stockstadt am Main.

The modern village

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