US Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main

Insufficient means to earn a living, population increase and cramped housing conditions lead to the migration of millions of people during the 18th and 19th century. Hoping for a brilliant future, many Europeans left their home towns and boarded ships heading for North America.

Many families from Stockstadt am Main decided to emigrate. Some travelled on their own, some left together with wife and children, others with siblings or other relatives. Often friends or related families came after them.

Travelling by ship was an adventure in the 19th century. The deck conditions were miserable. From 1860 onwards conditions were getting better with steam navigation but still many emigrants died during their journey, especially children often lost their lives.

Today, we are well informed about some emigrants' lives and their descendants. Others disappeared and we do not know if they ever arrived in their dreamland. Their road of life cannot be traced (yet). We hope to find some of them by introducing this website.

Please find enclosed the list of immigrants to Stockstadt.

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