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30 December 1807 Adolp Depp is born in Stockstadt am Main.

Father: Nikolaus Depp (1758-1817)
Mother: Maria Anna Ott (1771-1852)

Godfather: Adolph Sauer
10 Mai 1830 Adoph marries Anna Maria Wilhelm (1808-1875) from Stockstadt am Main.
7 December 1830 The son August Depp (1830-1907) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
26 October 1832 The son Martin Depp (1832-1890) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
2 April 1834 The son Valentin Depp (1834-1903) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
17 December 1836 The son Franz Adam Depp (1836-1903) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
1 Mai 1837 Adolph is best man at the marriage of
Matthäus Wilhelm and Anna Maria Ott.
22 March 1839 The son Daniel Depp (1839-1913) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
1 Mai 1842 The son Emanuel Depp (1842-1913) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
26 October 1844 Adolph is godfather to Edmund Sauer.
20 July 1844 The daughter Katharina Depp (1844-****) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
19 September 1849 The daughter Maria Eva Depp 1849-1917) is born in Stockstadt am Main.

The eldest son August Depp emigrates to the U.S.

Port: Liverpool
Ship: Colombia
Arrival: New York
Date: 19 July 1852

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891

Adolph, his wife and children emigrate to the U.S.

Port: Le Havre
Ship: Tempest
Arrival: New York
Date: 15 August 1853

Family members:

Depp Adolphe, male, 45
Depp Anna Maria, female, 44 (= Anna Maria Wilhelm)
Depp Valentin, son, 20
Depp Johann Adam, son, 16 
Depp Daniel, son, 15
Depp Emmanuel, son, 11
Depp Catherine, daughter, 9
Depp Anna Maria, daughter, 3 (= Maria Eva Depp)

Depp Clara, female, 54
Although age is not correct I believe this is Klara Sulzmann,
Anna Maria's mother. 

Kneisel Katharina, female, 21
(= Depp Valentin's bride)

Further passengers from Stockstadt am Main:

Volk Johann, male, 42
Volk Carla, female, 43 (= Edel Charitas)
Volk Margaretha, female, 20
Volk Sophie, female, 10
Volk Anna Marie, female, 8
Volk Eva, female, 4

Schneider Elisabeth, female, 26 (real age: 29)

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
CENSUS 1860 Residence:
Moon Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Family members:

Depp Adolph, head, 55, farmer
Depp Anna Maria, wife, 52
Depp Daniel, son, 21
Depp William, son, 19 (= Emanuel Depp)
Depp Katharina
, daughter, 16
Depp Mary, daughter, 10

Source: United States Census 1860
17 November 1875 Adolph's wife Anna Maria dies and is buried at
Christ Our Redeemer Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Source: Findagrave
CENSUS 1880Residence:
3rd Precinct, Ward 6, Allegheny, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Adam lives in the household of his daughter Mary:

Langraff Henry, head, 33, bricklayer
Langraff Mary, wife, 30 (= Maria Eva Depp)
Langraff Henry, son, 10
Langraff William, son, 7

Depp Adam, widowed, 65 (= father Adolph Depp)

Source: United States Census 1880
21 January 1886 Adolph dies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is buried
at Christ Our Redeemer Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania on 23 January 1886.

Source: Findagrave
11 January 1886Last Will

In the name of God. Amen. I, Adolph Depp of Allegheny City, County of Allegheny and state of Pennsylvania being of sound mind and memory do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by me: First: I direct all my just debts and funeral expenses to be fully paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. I also direct that three requiem masses be read for the repose of my soul, and that my Executor hereinafter named expend the sum of one hundred dollars out of my Estate for reading masses for the respose of my soul and that of my dear wife Anna Mariah. As to the indebtedness of my sons to me, namely William to the amount of sevenhundred and sixteen dollars and Martin to the amount of four hundred dollars I leave it to the remainder of my children as to neither they shall be required to pay their indebtedness to the estate. The remainder of my property real, personal and mixed (excepting my bed and bedding which I give and bequeath to such child of mine at whose residence I shall die) i give devise and bequeath to my children August, Martin, Valentin, Frank Daniel, William, Katharine Bauer and Mary Landgraf their respective heirs and assigns share and share alike. And lastly I do nominate Constitute and appoint my son in law Henry Landgraf role Executor of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I Adolph Depp, the testator have to this my will written on one sheet of paper, set my hand and seal this eleventh day of January A.D. one thousand eight hundered and eighty six.
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