US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



Variant nameAdam Dudine
Adam Dudene
15 March 1797 Adam Duttine is born in Stockstadt am Main.

Father: Johann Heinrich Duttine (1761-1798)
Mother: Magdalena Wieland (1761-1814)

Godfather: Johann Adam Duttine, brother of his father
30 September 1820 Adam is godfather to Adam Deis, his nephew and son of his sister Maria Anna Duttine. The boy died on 14 December 1820.
10 January 1825Adam marries Katharina Weigand (1801-1865) in Stockstadt am Main.

Best men:
Matthäus Duttine, Adam's brother
Franz Oberle
20 September 1825 The son Johann Duttine (1825-1900) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
22 December 1827 The son Matthäus Duttine (1827-1831) is born in Stockstadt am Main.

He dies on 13 November 1831.

Adam, his wife and son Johann emigrate to the U.S.

Ship List for: Massasoit, Dumfries, Doris
Arrival: Baltimore
Date: 1833

Family members:

Dutine Adam, 35
Dutine Catha, wife, 30
Dutine Johann, , son, 5

Deis Ulrich, 36
Deis Maria Anna, 39 (= Duttine Maria Anna, Adam's sister)
Deis Katharina, daughter, 10
Deis Margaretha, daughter, 7
Deis Johann, son, 6

Further passengers from Stockstadt am Main:

Flügel Peter K, 
Flügel Elisabeth, wife (=Volk Maria Elisabeth)
Flügel Eva, daughter, 14
Flügel Johann, son, 8
Flügel Heiner, son, 3
Flügel Katharina, daughter, 2

Flügel Nicholas, Peter's brother

Source: Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1948
CENSUS 1850 Residence:
Columbia, Dubois, Indiana

Family members:

Dudene Adam, head, 55
Dudene Catherine, wife, 49
Dudene John, son, 23
Deis? Joseph, 9, relative

Source: United States 1850
CENSUS 1880 Residence:
Marion, Dubois, Indiana

Family members:

Dudine John, head, 54, farmer
Dudine Barbara, wife, 47
Dudine Adam, son, 24
Dudine Henry, son, 21
Dudine Mary, daughter, 16
Dudine Rosie, daughter, 13
Dudine Joseph, son, 9
Dudine Katharina, daughter, 4
Dudine Adam, father, 83

Source: United States 1880
9 August 1885Adam dies in Dubois, Indiana, and is buried at Saint Peter Celestine Catholic Cemetery.

Source: Findagrave
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