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Variant nameBarbara Ott
4 September 1853
Barbara Franz is born in Stockstadt am Main.

Mother: Anna Maria Franz (1824-1878)

Godmother: Barbara Franz
Please note: Barbara's mother is not married between 1848 and 1868 - the period in which her five children are born. According to church records, the father of brother Engelbert is the day laborer Georg Heeg from Hösbach. But we do not know if he is the father of the other children..

In 1871, Anna Maria marries Simon Werner (1799-1873). Simon is 25 years older than his wife.
30 June 1860 Barbara is godmother to Barbara Morhard.
19 February 1870Barbara is godmother to Marianne Franz.
13 November 1873Barbara marries Eduard Ott (1847-1916) from Stockstadt am Main.
8 August 1875The son Leonhard Ott (1875-1944) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
9 April 1877The son Eduard Ott (1877-1964) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
22 April 1880The twins Engelbert and Anna Maria Ott are born in Stockstadt am Main.

Engelbert dies on 24 June1881 from pneumonia.
Anna Maria dies on 9 July 1882 from pneumonia.

Barbara and her family emigrate to the US.

Port: Hamburg
Ship: Herder

Arrival: New York
Date: 26 September 1882

Family members:

Ott Eduard, 35, workman
Ott Barbara, 29 (= Franz Barbara)
Ott Leonhard, 5
Ott Eduard, 4

Ott Anton, 31 (= Eduard's brother)
Ott Franz, 3

Franz Engelbert, 16 (= Barbara's brother)

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891

74, Hughes Street, Cincinnati Township. Hamilton, Ohio

Family members:

Ott Edward, head, 52, laborer safe Factory
Ott Barbara, wife, 47
Ott Edward, son, 23

Franz Engelbert, brother-in-law, 34

Source: United States Census 1900
15 March 1906Barbara dies in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.
Residence at the time of death: 1112 Queen City Avenue

Source: Ohio County Death Records, 1840-2001
25 May 1916At the age of 66, Edward Ott dies as a widower in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

Death cause: Acute oedema of brain and cerebral hemorrhage resulting from fracture cervical vertebrae. Unknown how sustained.

Body was cremated, location of ashes unknown, noted under Sea Burials

Source: Findagrave and Ohio Death records
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