US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



15 June 1828 Adalbert is born in Roßbach, Leidersbach.

Father: Philipp Kullmann (1792-1850) from Leidersbach
Mother: Eva Herzog (1791-****) from Kleinostheim
29 June 1858 Adalbert marries Anna Maria Oberle (1825-1865) in Stockstadt am Main.

Best men:
Matthäus Oberle
Georg Herzog from Kleinostheim, brother of his mother

It is Anna Maria's second marriage. She was married to Johann Nehr (1812-1856) before and has had three children from her first marriage one of which is
Barbara Nehr (1852-1910).
25 November 1858 The daughter Anna Maria Kullmann (1858-1941) is born in Stockstadt am Main.
8 February 1860 The daughter Katharina Kullmann is born in Stockstadt am Main. She dies on 18 August 1860.
30 August 1861 The son Peter A Kullmann (1861-1931) is born in Stockstadt am Main. 
2 July 1863 The son Raimund Kullmann is born in Stockstadt am Main.
He dies on 8 October 1863.
6 October 1865 Adalbert's first wife Anna Maria Oberle dies from tuberculosis.
1866Adalbert marries Anna Maria Kraus in Germany.

Adalbert, his second wife and his children Anna Maria and Peter (from his first marriage) emigrate to the U.S.

Port: Bremen
Ship: Atlantic
Arrival: New York
Date: 9 April 1866

Family members:

Kollmann Adelb (= Kullmann Adalbert), 37
Kollmann Anna M (= Kraus Anna Maria), 28
Kollmann, Anna M (= Kullmann Anna Maria), 7
Kollmann Peter (= Kullmann Peter), 4

Further passengers from Stockstadt am Main:

Flügel Gregor, 31, saddler
Flügel Anna M, 33 (= Sauer Anna Maria)
Flügel Peter, 7
Flügel Therese, 6
Flügel Elisabeth, 2

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
1867 The son Ferdinand Kullmann is born in New York.
2 November 1869 The son John Kullmann is born in New York
1874 The son Henry Kullmann is born in New York.
1876 The son Fred Kullmann is born in New York.

He dies on 31 July 1915 in Brooklyn and is buried on 3 August 1915 at Woodlawn Cemetery, New York.

Source: New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949

Concord Avenue 144, New York

Family members:

Kollmann Albert, 52, Lager Beer Salonkeeper
Kollmann Mary, wife, 42
Kollmann Mary, daughter, 21
Kollmann Peter, son, 18, fresco painter
Kollmann Ferdinand, son, 13, at school
Kollmann John, son, 10, at school
Kollmann Henry, son, 6, at school
Kollmann Fred, son, 4

Source: United States Census, 1880
24 June 1880The son Wilhelm Kullmann is born in Manhattan, New York.

Forest Avenue 868, Bronx, New York

Family members:
Rummon Mary (= Kullmann Anna Maria, married Krummnow), daughter, 41, widowed (2 children living)
Kullman Adelberg (= Kullmann Adalbert), father, 72, widowed (6 children living)

Source: United States Census, 1900
2 September 1905 At the age of 77, Adalbert dies in the Bronx, New York.

Status: widowed
Burial: 5 September 1905
Cemetery: Woodlawn Cemetery

Source: New York City Municipal Deaths, 1895-1949