US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



Variant name John D. Long
20 January 1823 Johann is born in Stockstadt am Main.

Father: Peter Lang (1786-1854)
Mother: Katharina Collet (1790-1828)

Godfather: Johann Lederer, son of the Mayor

Johann is 24 years old when he emigrates to the US, he travels together with a group of people from Stockstadt am Main. On board is his future wife Charitas Oberle.

Port: Le Havre - Cork
Ship: Alecto
Arrival: New York
Date: 3 May 1847

Lang Johann, male, 24
Oberle Charitas, female, 26 (ship list says "male"!)

Passengers from Stockstadt am Main:

Bauer Peter, male, 40
Depp Maria Anna, female, 19

Holzapfel Adam, head, 39
Holzapfel Eva Katharina, wife, 22 (= Eva Katharina Seitz)
Holzapfel Ferdinand, son, 2
Holzapfel Leonhard, Adam's brother, 27
Holzapfel Ulrich, relative of Adam, 26
Seitz Eva, Eva Katharina's sister, 12

Zang Christoph, male, 26

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
abt 1848 Johann Lang and Charitas Oberle marry.
20 August 1849The daughter Catherine Lang (Long) is born in Pennsylvania.

She dies on 11 July 1912.
26 March 1851The son Kilian Peter Lang (Long) is born in Kentucky. On 21 February 1876 he marries Mary Catherine Mott. The couple has eight children.

Kilian Peter Lang dies on 21 September 1920 in Lexington, Lafayette, Missouri. He is buried at the Old Catholic Cemetery in Lexington.

Source: Findagrave
17 December 1852The son Joseph Leonard Lang (Long) is born in Greenup, Kentucky. On 20 January 1880 he marries Pauline Mark. The couple adopts two children: Willliam Joseph and Annie

Joseph Leonard Lang dies on 24 January 1925 in El Paso, Texas. He is buried at Machpelah Cemetery, Lexington, Lafayette, Missouri.

Source: Findagrave
4 April 1855The son George Matthew Lang (Long) is born in Greenup, Kentucky. He marries Caroline Mark, the sister of his brother's wife Pauline. The couple has at least five children.

He dies on 3 October 1926 in Lexington, Lafayette, Missouri. He is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Lafayette, Missouri.

Source: Findagrave
16 May 1857The son Henry Philipp Lang (Long) is born in Kentucky. He marries Emma Belle and they have one daughter.

He dies on 6 January 1930 in St Louis, Missouri, and is buried at Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, St Louis, Missouri.

Source: Findagrave
16 Mai 1860The son John Sebastian Lang (Long) is born in Indiana. 
According to an Ancestry Tree, 2 more girls are born.
No proof for that yet.
19 September 1893 Johann Lang dies in Lafayette, Missouri, and is buried at the Old Catholic Cemetery.

Source: Findagrave
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