US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



Variant nameMagdalena Baldus
24 March 1836 Magdalena Mueller is born in Stockstadt am Main.

Father: Lorenz Mueller (1795-1852)
Mother: Maria Anna Helm (1802-1846) from Obernburg

Godmother: Magdalena Helm, a widow from Obernburg and probably the sister of her mother.

Source: Familienbuch Stockstadt am Main, no. 2447
22 March 1846 Magdalena Mueller is godmother to Maria Helena Wienand, the first child of her sister Sophia.

1 May 1854
At the age of 18, Magdalena emigrates to the US together with the family of her sister Sophia Mueller.

Port: Le Havre
Ship: Challenge

Arrival: New York
Date: 1 May 1854

Mueller Helene (= Mueller Magdalena)

Family members:

Wienand, Heinrich, brother-in-law, 33
Wienand Sophie, wife, 29 (=Mueller Sophia, Magdalena's sister)
Wienand Helene, niece, 8
Wienand Barbara, niece, 6
Wienand Heinrich, nephew, 3
Wienand Caspar, nephew, 11 months

Other passengers from Stockstadt am Main:

Bauer Matthes, head, 43
Bauer Caritas, wife, 44
Bauer Catherine, daughter, 18
Bauer Marguerite, daughter, 16
Bauer Andre, son, 11
Bauer Gottfried, son, 8
Bauer Adam, son, 11 months

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
abt 1856 Magdalena marries August Baldus (1833-1903) from Hessen-Nassau.

Source: Familienbuch Stockstadt am Main, no 106
16 March 1861 The son Johann (John) Baldus is born in Philadelphia.

Source: Philadelphia City Births, 1860-1906
Source: Philadelphia Births and Christenings, 1709-1950
15 July 1862 The son August Baldus is born in Philadelphia.
June 1864 The daughter Katherine Baldus is born in Philadelphia.
February 1867 The son Caspar Baldus is born in Philadelphia.
November 1867 The daughter Mary Baldus dies on 30 November 1867 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is buried in St Peters Cemetery.

Birth date not known: either a twin of Casper or stillborn.
1871 Anna (Annie) Baldus and George Joseph Baldus are born in Philadelphia.

Note: According to the Census 1880 they are of same age but birth dates are not clear yet. Could have been twins.
25 December 1873 The daughter Mary Baldus is born in Philadelphia.
1875 The son Ferdinand Baldus is born in Philadelphia.
CENSUS 1880 Residence:
Ward 17, 339 Master Street, Philadelphia

Family members:

Baldus August, white, male, 47 yrs old, barber
Baldus Magdalena, white, female 45 yrs old
Baldus John, white, male, son, 20 yrs old, clothweaver
Baldus August, white, male, son, 18 yrs old, barber
Baldus Kate, white, female. daughter, 16 yrs old, tailor
Baldus Casper, white, male, son, 11 yrs old, at school
Baldus George, white, male, son, 9 yrs old, at school
Baldus Anna, white, female, daughter, 9 yrs old, at school
Baldus Mary, white, female, daughter, 6 yrs old
Baldus Ferdinand, white, male, son, 4 yrs old

Source: United States Census 1880, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
22 September 1898 At the age of 61, Magdalena Mueller dies in Philadelphia from apoplexy. Place of death: 1331 North 5th Street.

At the time of her death Magdalena lives in Ward 17, 339 Master Street, Philadelphia.

Magdalena is buried at St Peters Cemetery on 26 September 1898.

Source: Philadelphia City Death Certificates, 1803-1915
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, 25 September 1898