US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



Variant name Apollonia Neher
1 November 1818 Apollonia is born in Stockstadt am Main as a daughter of Leonhard Nehr and Maria Anna Merget

Her godmother is Apollonia Nehr, daughter of Anton Nehr.
9 July 1842 Apollonia's daughter Margaretha is born in Stockstadt am main. Apollonia is not married at that time
1845 Apollonia's cousin Kilian Nehr emigrates to the United States.
1846 Apollonia emigrates to the United States.

Name of the ship: not known
Arrival: not known
Date: 1846

We do not know if Apollonia's daughter Margaretha Nehr accompanied her. We do not know where Apollonia lived in the US or if she married.
1880 Another relative, Kilian's niece Barbara Nehr, emigrates together with her husband and children. They live in the Bronx.
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