US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



Variant names Egid Weitz
10 August 1859 Aegideus is born in Stockstadt am Main as a son of Leonhard Weitz (1834-1899) and Christina Zang (1836-1894).

His godfather is Aegidius Zang (1840-1915).
25 August 1875 Aegidius is godfather to Aegidius Bauer.
4 June 1878 Aegidius is godfather to Valentin Aegidius Zang.
1881 Emigration to the US
1900 Residence:
Ward 3 ED 83 Upper Township, Ironton, Ohio

Household members:

Leonard F Hoffmann, male, 38, shoe merchant
Mary E Hoffmann, wife, 36
Isidor K Hoffmann, son, 14
Norma E Hoffmann, daughter, 11
Phyllis M Hoffmann, daughter, 1
Egid Weitz, cousin, boarder, 40, shoe maker 

Next door:

Charles A Hoffmann, male, 33 (brother of Leonard)
Sadie Hoffmann, wife, 22

Source: United States Census 1900
1910 Residence:
Ward 2, Jefferson Street, Ironton, Ohio

Family members:

Leonard Hoffmann, male, 48, merchant, shoe store
Mary E Hoffmann, wife, 46
Isidor C Hoffmann, son, 24, electrician
Phyllis Hoffmann, daughter, 11
Emerson G Hoffmann, son, 7
Edward (=Egid) Weitz, cousin, 50, merchant, shoe store
Lillian Miller, servant, female, 23, from Kentucky

Source: United States Census 1910
24 November 1947 At the age of 88, Egid Weitz dies in Ironton, Lawrence, Ohio, from pulmonary oedema and chronic nephritis and is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Coal Grove, Lawrence County, Ohio.

Residence: 706 Park Avenue, Ironton
Status: single
Occupation: retired (shoe merchant)
Next relative: Phyllis Knapp (daughter Leonard)

Source: Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953
Source: Findagrave