US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



12 March 1849 Reinhard is born in Stockstadt am Main.

Father: Heinrich Zang (1809-1877)
Mother: Maria Anna Bauer (5 April 1813)

Godfather: Reinhard Depp, carpenter
16 September 1869 Reinhard is godfather to Reinhard Zang, the son of his cousin Aegidius Zang.
23 November 1873 Reinhard marries Barbara Nehr (1852-1910) from Stockstadt am Main. They are married in the Kapuzinerkirche Aschaffenburg.

Best men:
Heinrich Zang
Christian Keller
5 September 1874 The son Franz Zang is born.
17 September 1875 Reinhard is godfather to Reinhard Bauer, the son of his sister Maria Anna (married Bauer).
17 November 1875 The son Anton Zang is born.
16 December 1877 The daughter Katharina Zang is born.
15 August 1879 The daughter Barbara Zang is born.

The family emigrates to the United States.

Ship: Hohenzollern
Port: Bremen
Arrival: New York
Date: 15 September 1880

Family members:

Zang Reinhard, male, 31, profession workman
Zang Barbara, female, 28, wife (= Barbara Nehr)
Zang Franz, male, 6, son
Zang Anton, male, 5, son
Zang Catharina, female, 1, daughter
Zang Barbara, female, 1, daughter

Stockstadt passengers on the same ship:

Zang Egid (Ägidius) , male, 40, shoemaker (Reinhard's cousin)
Zang Margarethe, female, 34, wife (= Margaretha Englert)
Zang Reinhard, male, 10, son
Zang Franziska, female, 8, daughter
Zang Valentin, male, 1, son

Egid's father Sebastian Zang (born 1801) and Reinhard's father Heinrich Zang (born 1809) are brothers. The grandparents of Egid and Reinhard are Matthäus Zang and Anna Maria Beckmann.

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1810-1891
The family lives in the Bronx, New York.
7 August 1882The daughter Marie Zang is born.
She dies on 8 August 1882.
December 1883 The daughter Anna Zang is born.
4 November 1886 The daughter Mary Rose Zang is born.
February 1889 The daughter Rosa Zang is born.

She dies on 11 January 1908 and is buried at Old Saint Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx, New York.
21 October 1890 Naturalization Reinhard Zang

Jacob Pfeifer, saloon keeper
631 East 152nd Street

Source: New York Naturalization Index
18 October 1891 The daughter Mary Adelphine Josephine Zang is born.
1897 Residence:
East 151 Street, New York

Profession: Concrete

Source: U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
14 March 1898 The daughter Mary Lena Lillian Ann Zang is born.
CENSUS 1900 Residence:
533 East 153rd Street, Bronx

Family members:

Zang Reinhard, head, 51, concreter
Zang Barbara, wife, 47
Zang Frank, son, 25
Zang Barbara, daughter, 20
Zang Anna, daughter, 16
Zang Mary, daughter, 13
Zang Rosa, daughter, 11
Zang Adelphine, daughter, 8
Zang Lillie, daughter, 2
Karcher Catherine, daughter, widow, 22
Karcher Martha, granddaughter

Source: United States Census 1900
20 October 1903 Reinhard's wife Barbara and his daughter Lillian return from a visit in Germany.

Source: New York Passenger Arrivals, Ellis Island
CENSUS 1905 Residence:
533 East 153rd Street, Bronx

Family members:

Zang Reinhard, head, 55, cementwork
Zang Barbara, wife, 52
Zang Frank, son, 29, cementwork
Zang Annie, daughter, 21
Zang Mary, daughter, 18
Zang Rosa, daughter, 16
Zang Josephine, daughter, 13
Zang Lillie, daughter, 7
Karcher Catherine, daughter, widow, 22
Karcher Martha, granddaughter

Next door:

Eckes John, head, 27, son-in-law
Eckes Barbara, wife, 23 (= daughter Zang Barbara)
Eckes John, 1, grandson

Source: United States Census 1905
5 September 1905 Reinhard dies during a stay in Germany in Stockstadt am Main.

Death cause: tuberculosis
7 January 1910 At the age of 57, Barbara Nehr dies in Bronx, New York, and is buried on 10 January 1910.

Cemetery: New Saint Raymonds Cemetery
Resicende: 277 E. 154 Street, Bronx, New York

Source: New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949
Source: Findagrave