US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



Variant name Edward Lang 
3 December 1901 Edmund is born in Stockstadt am Main as a son of Anton Lang (1863-1946) and Maria Anna Lederer (1866-1925).
10 December 1923 Edmund emigrates to the United States.

Ship: Pittsburgh
Port: Hamburg
Arrival: Ellis Island, New York
Date: 10 December 1923

Family members:

Edmund Lang, 
Peter Imhof, male, 32, Edmund's brother-in-law
Augusta Imhof, female, 33, Edmund's sister
Franz Imhof, male, 9, Edmund's nephew.

According to the passenger list, the passage had been paid for by Edmund's sister Maria Emma. She had already lived in the Bronx for some years.

Source: Ellis Island Passenger Lists
30 September 1926 Edward marries Mary Klemensich from Austria.
1928 The daughter Dorothy is born.
24 April 1930 Residence:
Washington Avenue, Bronx, New York

Family members:

Lang, Edward, 28. laborer (buildings)
Lang Mary, 28, wife, from Austria
Lang Dorothy, 2

Source: United States Census 1930
1932 The daughter Alice is born.
1935 The son Edward is born.
3 April 1940 Residence:
Assembly District 1, Bronx, New York,
East 152 Street

Family members:

Edward Lang, 39, male, laborer (cement work)
Mary Lang, 38, wife, from Austria
Dorothy Lang, 12, daughter
Alice Lang, 8, daughter
Edward jr. Lang, 4, son

Source: United States Census 1940
6 April 1989 Edmund dies in Bronx, New York.