US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



17 December 1874 Theresia is born in Stockstadt am Main.

Father: Friedrich Wolf (1848-1908)
Mother: Katharina Fecher (1850-1891)

Godmother: Theresia Fecher

The family emigrates to the US.

Ship: S.S. Fulda
Port: Bremen
Arrival: New York
Date: 22 March 1887

Family members:

Wolf Friedrich, farmer, 38
Wolf Catherine, wife, 36 (= Fecher Katharina)
Wolf Alois, son, 13
Wolf Theresia, daughter, 14
Wolf August, son, 6
Wolf Jacob, son, 3
Wolf Josef, son, 9 months

(Please note: The list of children does not correspond with the church records. The last child born in Stockstadt is a girl named Josepha and should have been two years old in 1887.)

Passengers from Stockstadt am Main
traveling on the same ship:

Seitz Johann Ulrich, farmer, 38
Seitz Eleonore, wife, 38 (= Oberle Eleonora)
Seitz Margarethe, daughter, 8
Seitz Eleonore, daughter, 7
Seitz Gabriel, son, 6
Seitz Marie, daughter, 4
Seitz Theresia, daughter, 3
Seitz Barbara, daughter, 2

Bauer Raimund, farmer, 48 (= Bauer Reinhard)
Bauer Anna Maria, wife, 46
Bauer Michael, son, 8
Bauer Margarethe, daughter, 7

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891 (children: next page)
1 June 1888Theresa dies in Devils Lake, Ramsey, North Dakota, and is buried in in Saint Benedicts Cemetery, Crary, Ramsey, North Dakota.

Source: Findagrave