US-Emigrants from Stockstadt am Main



Variant name Casper Wienand
Kaspar Wienand
15 July 1853 Casper Wienand is born.

Father: Heinrich Wienand (1821-1890)
Mother: Sophia Müller (1826-1895)

PLEASE NOTE: Birth date is taken from death certificate. The child is not listed in the church records.

The family emigrates to the U.S.

Port: Le Havre
Ship: Challenge

Arrival: New York
Date: 1 May 1854

Family members:

Wienand, Heinrich, head, 33
Wienand Sophie, wife, 29 (=Mueller Sophia)
Wienand Helene, daughter, 8
Wienand Barbara, daughter, 6
Wienand Heinrich, son, 3
Wienand Caspar, son, 11 months

Mueller Helene, aunt

Other passengers from Stockstadt am Main:

Bauer Matthes, head, 43
Bauer Caritas, wife, 44
Bauer Catherine, daughter, 18
Bauer Marguerite, daughter, 16
Bauer Andre, son, 11
Bauer Gottfried, son, 8
Bauer Adam, son, 11 months

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
20 April 1884 Caspar marries Sarah A. Murphy (1867-1913) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Source: Pennsylvania Marriages, 1709-1940

Their children: Casper Henry, Catherine, Margaretha, Ella, Sarah
2 March 1913Caspar dies in Philadelphia from an accident.

Family status: widowed
Death cause: fractured skull after falling in the street

Source: Philadelphia City Death Certificates
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